Who Should Be Wearing a Black Hat?

Many have written and said that the Internet has democratized the process of learning and has made solopreneurship possible. But the torrent of information means we don’t know whom to trust and what to believe.

In the old Westerns, the bad guys wore the Black Hats and the good guys wore White Hats.

Today it’s difficult to distinguish the bad guys from the good, because the Black Hats wear white.

People tell me I’m a patient man. My patience for those who steal and cheat vulnerable solopreneurs has run out.

Bandits have picked my pocket several times over the past few years. I might be a slow learner, but I do learn. Maybe some of these lowlifes have lifted your wallet, too.

In the past I’ve blamed myself. Guess what? That ain’t happening anymore.

Time For Some Frontier Justice

In my first career I worked as a newspaper reporter. One of my editors was fond of saying: “Our job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”

It’s time for some of that around here.

And let’s be clear. The bandits are a tiny minority on the Web, but they are brazen: they will piss on your boots and tell you it’s raining.

TheSolopreneurLife.com is a small but mighty outpost on the frontier, a town square that tries to discern what’s valuable to the honest solopreneurial traveler and what’s not.

Now more than ever, as the solopreneurial trail swells with inexperienced and desperate solo-business owners, purpose-driven solopreneurs need to stick together and protect each other from the roadside thieves around the bend.

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