The Solopreneur Life’s “Friday Bits” #42

In my occasional “Friday Bits” column, I write about standout solopreneur-related information that I want to share with you. And today’s column is extra special because it’s the first time I’ve published “Friday Bits” on a Tuesday. 😉

When Talent Meets Humanity

It’s not often that a Web site blows me away. Well, I found one today, and it represents the work and considerable talent of Catherine Orr, a documentary storyteller. I especially liked “Born Into Coal.”

Catherine’s work is compelling to me for several reasons:

• Composition — every frame would be an excellent photograph.

• She has the ability to recognize interesting human stories.

• Catherine is indeed a storyteller, a fine one.

• But her greatest skill is the ability to gain the trust of her subjects. You can’t make the documentaries she makes without building a strong relationship with the people whose stories are being told.

Noteable Web Site

It’s already been a good week for discoveries. I found, which the site says “is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.” (And when you’re at the site, consider how and why a Web site dealing in old letters is so compelling.) There’s treasure everywhere you look at Here are three beauties:

“To My Old Master,” in which a former slave, Jourdan Anderson, writes a letter in response to his old master, who had asked Jourdan to return to work at the master’s farm. Read the entire letter.

“The Tiger Oil Memos,” “from the offices of the now-defunct Houston-based Tiger Oil Company come a total of 22 enormously entertaining memos; all sent by, or on behalf of, the firm’s incredibly amusing, painfully tactless, and seemingly constantly angry CEO — Edward ‘Tiger Mike’ Davis — to his staff.”

“I’m a Lousy Copywriter,” written by arguably the most celebrated ad man in history, David Ogilvy.

Cool Tool

If you do business internationally, you will REALLY appreciate, which contains the must-have information that all travelers need. Thank you to Jill Chivers for pointing it out to me.

Are You Using Unpaid Interns?

If you’re using unpaid interns — and I hope you’re not — then you need to read this article about unpaid interns who are raising legal questions regarding their employment. If you’ve looked at any job boards in the past year, you know that the issue of employers abusing interships is/was a ticking bomb.

If I Had Had More Time, I Would Have Written a…

You’ve mastered the art of elevator speeches. You’re a whiz with 140 characters. Now boil your life down to six words. I dare ya.

Mega Traffic For a Sewing Blog

Here’s an article from about a woman who attracts 380,000 pageviews to her sewing blog. (If traffic is important to your biz, I highly recommend subscribing to the RSS feed.)

Two of the NFL’s Best Minds

If you enjoy the National Football League, I encourage you to listen to Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan’s weekday-afternoon program, “Moving the Chains” on Sirius Radio 88. Tim and Pat have the best radio show — by a longshot — in the game of football. But be forewarned, they really dig into the fine detail of the sport: “3 techniques,” “Cover 2’s,” “Mikes,” “3-4 ends,” “G Power,” “Y curl,” “Omaha! Omaha!,” and more.

Tim and Pat are yet another example of people who have wedded their in-depth knowledge to a rabid, narrow, underserved niche that can’t get enough information.

5 Killer New WordPress Plugins

Are you like me — a lover of WordPress plugins? Here are five new ones, featured in a recent article at

Shameless Plug

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