The Solopreneur Life’s Easy Peasy Test

I noticed that I’ve been using “easy peasy” (it’s a technical term) a lot in product reviews, but I have not explained The Solopreneur Life’s Easy Peasy Test.

A product passes the test if:

• the user interface is intuitive

• the user interface has big text boxes and “click here” buttons

• the user-interface palette is executed well

• the design uses a generous amount of white space

• the product does what it’s supposed to do

Bonus points if the product has a clever, easy-to-remember name.

Products That Have Passed The Solopreneur Life’s Easy Peasy Test…

Mailchimp, cloud software for list management

Unbounce, cloud software for building landing pages

SoundCloud, a mobile app and online social network for the recording and sharing of audio

Headway Themes, (affiliate link) a premium WordPress theme

Freshbooks, cloud software for invoicing

…And One That Flunked

One service that flunks the test with flying colors is BlogTalkRadio. I appreciate the function of BTR and my show is done there, but goodness gracious, the Web site is horrendous for listeners and broadcasters.

What have you seen that passes or flunks the test?

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