The Solopreneur Life “Friday Bits” Column #39

It’s the end of the week, and just like almost every Friday at The Solopreneur Life, I have some tasty, mostly-healthy bits of information to share with you.

This week’s menu includes:
• Best of the “new-Facebook” articles
• How to kick Groupon to the curb
• Oh the frugality!
• Another marketing lesson from Keith Richards
• There’s a shortage of search marketers
• Self-sabotage and the solopreneur
• Help for your landing/sales pages

Best of the “New-Facebook” Articles

With Facebook’s new business features revealed last week, there was a deluge of information available online this week on how to use Facebook for your small biz. Here are some of the best items I found:

• A really nice explanation by John Jantsch of the new Facebook “image ribbon,” how it works, and how you can make best use of it.

• A HubSpot webinar, “Facebook Page Marketing With Q&A” that focuses on how strategic use. The webinar is free but requires registration.

• Wildfire has a concise overview of the changes. If you want to dig deeper, a lot deeper, Wildfire has a slew of incredibly useful new-Facebook articles.

And you definitely will want to set up a branded URL (called a vanity URL; mine is To do it, you first need to establish a fan base of at least 25 fans. Then visit to choose your vanity URL.

How to Kick Groupon to the Curb

If any of your business is local, you need to listen to this podcast from Copyblogger: “How to Kick Groupon to the Curb and Become a Local Hero.” Brian Clark explains how you can take Groupon’s business principles and apply them to your business.

One comment Brian made that I found very interesting: the grandfather of content marketing is advertorial—which originated in local newspapers.

Want to work with an ethical online marketing pro? Sign up now for a free consultation with Larry Keltto.

Oh the Frugality!

Off topic: did you catch Conan O’Brien’s treatment of the Groupon Super Bowl Ad controversy? It’s delicious.

Another Marketing Lessons From Keith Richards

In a mini-follow-up to my article on marketing lessons to be learned from reading Keith Richards’s new autobiography, last night I found another lesson: test.

The Rolling Stones recorded “Exile on Main Street” in the summer of 1971 on the waterfront of Villefranche-sur-Mer in the Côte d’Azur region of southern France. The recording was done at a mansion, Nellcôte, that Keith Richards leased and lived in. Keith writes:

Mick and Keith at Nellcôte in the summer of 1971

We would record from late in the afternoon until five or six in the morning, and suddenly the dawn comes up and I’ve got this boat…Most days we would go down to Menton, an Italian town…Take a cassette player and play something we’ve done…We’d play the mix to the Italians, see what they thought.

This is the first time in the book that Keith has mentioned the market-testing of songs. Testing was possible in this case because they had time: recording stretched on for the entire summer. The end result? The first (and perhaps only) record that the Stones tested with listeners became their most popular and arguably their best.

There’s a Shortage of Search Marketers

I’ve been trying for the past week to hire a traffic pro to help me drive traffic to The Solopreneur Life Ads. In the process, I’ve discovered that the really good ones are swamped and there’s a huge shortage of “legit” traffic people. Isn’t that amazing, with all the people who claim to know how to do it? If you want to know what it takes to become an independent search marketer, check out this article from the SEOMOZ blog.

Self-Sabotage and the Solopreneur

Monday’s The Solopreneur Life on BlogTalkRadio show is titled “Self-Sabotage and the Solopreneur.” My guest will be Jac McNeil of Highland Coaching in Nova Scotia.

I’m looking forward to this show for two reasons:

• I think self-sabotage is an enormous challenge for solopreneurs, yet it’s a topic we seldom discuss.

• I read Jac’s blog, and she’s able to explore and make sense of mental and emotional obstacles that solopreneurs face.

The show will be broadcast live at noon Central time on Monday. All the shows are available at any time on BlogTalkRadio, and also at iTunes.

Help For Your Landing/Sales Pages

I think all of us struggle with our landing/sales pages, so it’s cool that Amy Harrison is offering a free eBook on writing landing pages. Amy is on The Solopreneur Life Heroes list for 2011.

Solopreneur’s Digest

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