The Solopreneur Life’s “Friday Bits” Column #36

It’s the end of the week, and just like almost every Friday at The Solopreneur Life, I have some tasty, mostly-healthy bits of information to share with you.

Here’s this week’s menu:
• What’s the best use of your time right now?
• Should you have a self-hosted blog?
• An example of savvy community building
• One site’s top 10 social media blogs of 2011
• Rock your profits
• How to work with a Web designer

What’s the Best Use of Your Time Right Now?

John Soares publishes He posted an article this week titled, “What’s the Best Use of Your Time Right Now?” It’s a simple question that has huge implications for our solopreneur lives. Here are some of John’s thoughts:

The best use of your time often isn’t doing something to improve your business or career or something that’s clearly “productive.” Often it should be:
• Exercising
• Walking outside to look at birds, trees, the sky
• Connecting with someone you love
• Whatever makes you feel more alive and just plain happier to be on the planet

John’s post attracted a lot of interesting, wise comments. Check it out.

Should You Have a Self-Hosted Blog?

If you have a new blog or if you’re planning to start one, one question you need to answer is whether to have a self-hosted blog, or use a free service like or

This article, “Three Bloggers Explain Why Self-Hosting Is the Best Option for Your Blog and Your Personal Brand” at should help you make an informed decision.

FWIW, is a self-hosted Web site, and I use Bluehost as the hosting service. also is self-hosted, and for it I use Media Temple. I am SO glad I decided to have a self-hosted site. For me, the big issues are control and ownership of my content, and I get that with self-hosting.

An Example of Savvy Community-Building

Here’s an example of a Web site that created its own niche and did a great job of building community around it. The site is called, and it’s a good one to study if you are building a “tribe” of your own.

Check out, the new marketplace for solopreneurs.

One Site’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2011

Last week published “Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2011 Winners!” Congrats if you made the list!

Here are four I like that I had never heard of before:

Six Pixels of Separation, wherein Mitch Joel brings you digital marketing and media hacking insights and provocations from his always on/always connected world.

Danny Brown looks at the human side of social media.

Spin Sucks, which examines social media from a public-relations perspective.

The Anti-Social Media, Jay Dolan’s satirical views on social media.

Rock Your Profits

Small-business finance expert Nicole Fende has launched a new product: “Rock Your Profits in 2011.” Nicole is very skilled at delivering valuable information in a fun way, so “Rock Your Profits” will not be a snoozer. Check this out if you need help with your profit strategy, pricing, budgeting, and more.

How to Work With a Web Designer

In The Solopreneur Life 2010 End-of-Year Survey, more than 40 percent of us said we will hire Web designers in 2011. The Solopreneur Life on Blog Talk Radio show (Monday, noon Central) will give us the tools we need to hire the right person for the job. “How to Work With a Web Designer” will answer:

1) What you should do to prepare, prior to talking to a Web designer.

2) What you should expect, and not expect, from a Web designer.

3) What you should look for when trying to find a new designer.

4) Red flags that say a particular Web designer isn’t a good fit for you.

My guest will be highly regarded Web designer Naomi Niles, owner of Intuitive Designs (and the person who designed this site,

Solopreneur’s Digest

In case you missed any of this week’s columns, here they are:
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To Solopreneurs Who Want to Improve Their Branding

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    Thanks for the shout out Larry. I promise that no participants in the Rock Your Profits course will die of boredom.

    On hosting blogs – I self-host as well and agree with 100% on why it was the right decision.

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