The Solopreneur Life “Friday Bits” #21

It’s the end of the week, and just like every Friday at The Solopreneur Life, I have tasty, mostly-nutritious bits of information to share with you. This week’s menu includes: a great source for free design information; the funniest thing I read this week; solopreneurial spirit in Nigeria; mini case study: why a Web post drew huge traffic; going live with a new-product page; Web-page speed is linked to revenue; new site for targeted, aggregated content; a “Featured Soloist” fix-it; and your shot (no chaser) of “botpreneur.”

A Huge Cache of Valuable Design Ideas

I found a magnificent how-to design site this week called It includes freebies, graphics, inspiration, design showcases, tools, tutorials, and WordPress helps. I could easily spend an entire weekend at this Web site. Here’s a sampling of the great stuff at Pelfusion:

30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers

25 Full and High-Quality Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

30+ Best Examples of Blog Post Footer Designs

How To: Create Or Convert Web Site Into Mobile Format

60 Free, High-Quality Stock Photography Sites

Even if you’re not a designer or a webmaster, the site is valuable because it will show you what is possible with your online and offline presence.

You Know You Need a New Logo When…

Sticking with design, this hilarious flowchart, titled “Are You An International Spy? No? Then You Might Need a New Logo” was the funniest thing I read this week. It was created by Watermark Design, a graphic- and Web-design firm located in Charlottesville, Virginia. And thanks to @Reese (who’s a very gifted Web designer) for finding the chart and tweeting about it.

Solopreneurial Spirit Is Alive in Nigeria

I connected this week with my counterpart in Nigeria, Tito Philips, Jr., who publishes I love the optimism and energy that Tito shares with his readers:

This is not just another website, this is a MOVEMENT inspired by a Nigerian Entrepreneur for Nigerian Entrepreneurs who despite the hostile Nigerian environment in which they find themselves are still in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams!

Tito and I are going to find ways we can share knowledge and information with each other and with our audiences. Do you have any thoughts on how it can be done? Please share them in the comments below!

Anatomy of A Successful Blog Post

I want to thank Rob Place for contributing the guest column that he wrote this week for Rob is the publisher of Solventurer, a Web site that helps solopreneurs during the start-up stage. Rob works as a small-business coach, trainer, and speaker.

Here is some data regarding Rob’s post:

• Page views on Wednesday were the highest I’ve ever had in one day, by a factor of 2.

• Page views Wednesday were equivalent to what I typically get in 3.5 days.

• Article has been shared at least 31 times on Twitter.

My take on the reasons for success:
• Outstanding, helpful, original content

• Promotion. This was by far the most promotion I’ve ever done for an article—I had never sent direct messages to people individually at Twitter and asked them to read an article. I sent messages only to people whose followers I thought would enjoy Rob’s article. This kind of promotion works, IF the content is exceptional and if it’s right for the person’s target market. And a word of caution: I think you have to pick your spots. You don’t want risk list-fatigue.

Relationship Marketing for Solopreneurs: Get Connected!

The info page for “Relationship Marketing for Solopreneurs: A Path to Success for People Who Hate to Sell,” the new multimedia education product I created with Jim Sheard, Ph.D., is live:

Relationship Marketing for Solopreneurs

It goes on sale October 12, but subscribers to can purchase it October 4 on a one-day-only release. As a thank you to my subscribers, “Relationship Marketing for Solopreneurs” will be offered that day to my subscribers at a 40% discount; that’s the biggest discount I will ever offer for the product. Sign up now to be a subscriber, using the box at right.

Speed Sells, Lack of Speed Kills

Willie Jackson recently wrote an article for titled, “Performance Unleashed: How to Optimize Websites For Speed.”

In the wake of my bad experiences with Bluehost, I have been paying close attention to the issues of speed, hosting, and their importance. Willie cites studies that have shown the correlation between site speed and revenue, he describes what determines page speed and what you can do to make your Web pages faster. Here’s one that got my attention, and I need to fix it:

[A] cardinal sin of inexperienced webmasters is to upload and serve an image far larger than what is required for the design. WordPress is an unfortunate enabler of this, as many novice website owners upload large images directly off of their digital cameras and utilize WordPress’s image resizing functionality to display a smaller version.

As an aside, I want to mention that during a recent, late-night Bluehost debacle, Willie was right there with me on Twitter, offering advice and options. And that’s not unusual for Willie; he is ALWAYS doing good things for people who need help. Makes Its Debut, a new Web site that aggregates and provides Web content, has launched. I know about the site because they asked if they could include The Solopreneur Life as a content source. It sounded like a cool idea, so I said yes. Now that the site has launched, I really like what they’re doing with it. Poke around and see what you think.

Make-Good For Two Mistakes

In the “Featured Soloist” this week of Jill Chivers, I messed up the two links in the feature. I fixed the links, but I feel terrible about it, so I am reposting the links here. First, here is Jill’s “I’m Listening Now” site:

I’m Listening Now

And here is a site where she blogs about her extremely interesting personal challenge of going one year without shopping for new clothes:

My Year Without Clothes Shopping

Your Shot (No Chaser) of “botpreneur” Rules!

“botpreneur” is a comic series that strives to “tell the truth about what it’s really like to start and run a small business in the age of social media.” “botpreneur” is drawn by David Billings, who publishes The new installment of “botpreneur” which David titled “Just Screw It,” is below.

Solopreneur’s Digest

In case you missed any of this week’s columns, here they are:
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