The Solopreneur Life’s “Friday Bits” Column #28

It’s the end of the week, and just like every Friday at The Solopreneur Life, I have some tasty, mostly-healthy bits of information to share with you.

This week’s menu includes:
• Examples of identifying your target market
• Leading Web site for work at home women honors
• First steps into social media
• Marketing frequency, and why it’s important
• “New school” affiliate marketing
• The Solopreneur Life’s upcoming-events calendar
• This is why I like Steve Martin

Examples of Identifying Your Target Market

This week I found two resources for artists.

Check out, a new indie-artist community created by Barbra Ignatiev. If I was an artist, I would hang out there. I saw a lot of helpful info, including a short, excellent video, “Art Licensing Basics: Work Smarter, Not Harder” by Maria Brophy.

I visited Maria Brophy’s Web site, too, and it has excellent information regarding the business of art. Maria champions the idea that arts should be compensated fairly for their work. She speaks the truth.

Both Barbra and Maria are examples of people who identified a target market, one in which they appear to be very comfortable and knowledgeable.

Named a Top Resource for Work at Home Women

I learned this week that was named one of the “40 Top Business Resources for Work at Home Women.” Holly Hanna, publisher of, developed the list. Thank you, Holly. I am both excited and humbled.

Taking Your First Steps Into Social Media

If you are new to social media, here’s a quick article titled “Taking Your First Steps Into Social Media” that offers excellent advice.

The article was posted at Barbara Breckenfeld’s Blue Horse Marketing Web site.

Also, Barbara posted a thought-provoking tweet on Thursday: “Social media may not click for the team- or project-oriented among us: too much about #1.”

Marketing Frequency, and Why It’s Important

Here’s an article from Jim Connolly’s Web site on the importance of frequency in marketing. In it Jim writes:

A radio station transmits on a set frequency. The only people who can hear that station, are those tuned into the same frequency. For the message to be sent and received, both the transmitter and receiver need to be on the same wavelength.

The same is true with marketing messages and copywriting. For your message to be received correctly, they need to be written on your prospective client’s wavelength.

Jim’s blog is worth subscribing to.

“New School” Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a tough nut to crack, and I found an article this week written by Mary Kay Morgan of Affiliate Wealth Partners titled “Old School Affiliate Marketing Versus New School Affiliate Marketing” that included this excellent thinking:

Seven Steps to Being a New School Affiliate
1. Know your Life Purpose: “Who am I here to serve?” and “How am I here to serve them?”
2. Create a “Brand Promise” based on your Life Purpose: this brand promise creates an umbrella of the information you share with your community (although you won’t necessarily directly provide everything under your “brand promise.”)
3. Build a list or as we like to say in the New School “Create a Container” to lead a community or tribe of followers.
4. Communicate with your community/tribe regularly with a combination of value and call-to-action: if you are afraid to make an offer to your community, you will have a tough time finding success and satisfaction in your business. (just sayin’).

Check out the final three steps in Mary Kay’s list.

The Solopreneur Life’s Upcoming-Events Calendar

Monday, November 15, Noon CST: Social-media strategist Tommy Walker will be my guest on The Solopreneur Life on Blog Talk Radio. The title of Monday’s program is “How to Use Facebook to Create Powerful Online Marketing Strategies.” Tune in and learn:

• How to discover your ideal customers, the ones who WANT to interact with you

• How to drive hyper-targeted traffic to any location online

• How to gather detailed information about your visitors to improve your overall messaging

If you can’t listen to live broadcast, you can catch it in the show archives.

Thursday, November 16, Noon CST: In the “Get Connected” social network, there will be an expert chat titled, “There’s a Map For That: Politepix’s Halle Winkler Answers Your Questions About iPhone App Development and Shares the Roadmap.”

I’m anxious to hear Halle’s insights.

If you’re not a “Get Connected” member yet, please join us.

This is Why I Like Steve Martin

I follow Steve Martin (the banjo player) on Twitter, and yesterday he tweeted: “FYI (I abbreviated “for your information” to save space), Get It Right Friday occurs every Thursday. Unless I forget.”

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