Evernote For iPhone: How To Clip a Web Page

Inspired by Claudine Motto’s “10 Tips On How To Use Evernote To Its Fullest” post, I was exploring Evernote for iPhone.

Using my iPhone and Safari, I wanted to learn how to “clip” Web pages to Evernote. I couldn’t find a method for clipping the entire page, but I did find an easy method for clipping/sending a Web page’s URL to Evernote:

1. As Claudine pointed out in her post, you need to know that all Evernote users have an email address assigned to their account. To find the address, go to Settings > Account Summary (Web version), or to Tools > Account Info (desktop version). You’re going to need the address later, so save it or keep it handy.

2. Go back to your iPhone, open Safari, and find a page you want to save to Evernote.

3. Click on the “Send” icon at the bottom of your screen.

4. Tap “Mail Link to this Page.”

5. In the “To” field, enter your Evernote email address and then tap on “Send.”

The URL for the page now is a note in your Evernote system, saved to your main notebook.

There’s another method, explained here, but I don’t think it’s practical because the Evernote browser can be accessed only through an existing note and the core Safari features aren’t available in the Evernote browser.

A Request: Evernote For iPhone, a Bookmarklet in Safari

The ultimate for the iPhone would be an Evernote bookmarklet in Safari — the iPhone equivalent of the Evernote Web Clipper. If it’s been developed and I didn’t find it, please let me know!

How Do You Use Evernote For iPhone?

Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. says


    We both had web clipping on our mind tonight! Just a little while ago I sent a support request to Evernote because my files don’t always clip as they are supposed to.

    I don’t have an iPhone (I know, the horror!) but as far I can see there is not a Safari bookmarklet for it.

    The only thing that concerns me when clipping only the URL to the page is losing the information if the page ceases to exist for whatever reason.

    I’m thinking a workaround may be to select the text or image first – and then click on the Mail Link to This Page.

  2. says

    hey, i just want to say thank you for the tutorial. it easy, and it work. that is all a good tutorial should be. keep up the good work

  3. Freya says

    I found a mobile web clipper for Evernote in the Evernote forums. It took a lot of searching to find, I don’t know why it is not available on their websites! In fact, I can’t even find it again, so here is the cut and paste from my browser:


    Just create a new bookmark in your mobile web browser, save it, then go back in and paste this code above into the URL field and name your bookmark whatever you like.

    Alternatively, the iPhone browser iCab has a feature called modules which enables posting and clipping to many online bookmakers and notes, including Evernote.

  4. Tawny Y says

    There is a way to make a bookmarklet for Evernote; I added it when I first got Evernote, but now that I have updated my iPhone I cannot figure out how I added it. The instructions used to be somewhere on the Evernote site.

  5. says

    Thanks for this interesting post. Just to say that you can use Reading list to view the article and then send URL to evernote mail address. In this case all the text will be included in the mail.

  6. says

    I also use the web clipper for Evernote on my iPhone. The easiest way to get setup would be to use iCloud to transfer it from a Mac.

    Another method is to email the code to yourself and then copy it into a bookmark in the Safari app.

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