4 Painless Methods For Getting Past Blogger’s Block

I met a friend of mine last week at a Starbucks. I ordered hot chocolate — I’m not much of a coffee fan, never have been. My friend is a solopreneur and a fine writer. He said he’s had a difficult time coming up with ideas recently for his blog and asked if I had any suggestions for how to get past writer’s block.

I told him what works for me:

Stepping away from the computer, turning off the iPhone, and getting out of the house. It doesn’t really matter what I do — going to the grocery store, getting a car wash, visiting the library and wandering the stacks.

Changing my daily route. If I’ve been driving the same roads every day, I change it up. The corollary is to run or bike on a different route.

Having coffee or lunch with a friend or relative.

● And the best method of all for me: reading books — non-business books are the best for me.

Why do these things work? I think it has something to do with lines penned by those poets from 38 Special (and I apologize if this gives you an earworm):

Just hold on loosely,
But don’t let go.
If you cling too tightly,
You’re gonna lose control.

When I relax, when I give my mind a little freedom, when I loosen my grip — I gain control. (Ben Crenshaw says the same thing about putting — loosen the grip to increase control.)

What Works For You?

How do you break through blogger’s block? Please share your ideas below.


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